2018 Jaguar XE vs. 2018 Infiniti Q50

With its assertive looks and agile drive, the XE is instantly recognizable as a Jaguar vehicle. It feels like Jaguar, it drives like Jaguar - the XE is Jaguar to its core. It immediately catches the eye - standing out from the competition with the great proportions and clean surfaces that form the core of Jaguar design.

When compared to other luxury sedans, like the Infiniti Q50, the Jaguar XE boasts more power, storage and luxury features designed for optimal comfort. View the features below to learn more about how the Jaguar XE and how it compares to the Infiniti Q50.

The XE base MSRP begins at $35,725 compared to the Q50's $35,200, but the slightly extra cost is well worth it. The XE offers not only a more powerful, thrilling ride with its higher horsepower and torque, but a comfortable, luxurious experience behind the wheel.

The XE and Q50 both offer substantial interior amenities, but the XE rises above the competition by offering in-car Wifi, extra cargo space, a rotary fear shift dial and Head-Up Navigation Display. Learn more about the interior features of the XE below.   


InControl TouchTM

The InControl Touch multimedia system is a hub for connectivity, control and entertainment. Its 8" touchscreen, with intuitive touch and swipe controls, provides you with full command over a wealth of features including audio, climate and satellite navigation.*


Interactive Driver Display

A high-definition 12." Interactive Driver Display features an entirely new graphical interface with advanced functionality to make driving even more of a pleasure. You can choose from four preset display themes, or full 3D Map View, to suit your personal preference.


In-Car Wifi

Supported by a powerful external antenna, the Wi-Fi Hotspot provides in-car access to the internet, enabling up to eight wireless devices to be used simultaneously.* Passengers can connect through the car's wireless network to surf, work, update social media and stay entertained throughout the journey


Head-Up Display

The XE offers an optional laser Head-Up Display (HUD)* - projecting essential information and navigation directions directly into your line-of-sight on the windshield. Just another way we help keep your senses connected to the road.