4-Wheel Drive vs. All-Wheel Drive: Similarities and Differences

Four-wheel drive, also known as 4x4, and all-wheel drive share many things in common but still have their own differences. For beginners, they're job in vehicles is essentially the same. They exist to help drivers navigate given their situation.

Four-wheel drive gets the most traction from all four wheels. It is not on all the time, and gives the driver the option to operate it when needed. Four-wheel drive operates through a transfer case and is most useful for large vehicles that would be likely to drive on dunes, over boulders, and other off-road activities.

All-wheel drive is the opposite but accomplishes the same thing. It is on all the time, and operates while the novice driver behind the wheel operates the vehicle. This system is usually found on smaller cars, and provides traction to all wheels for everyday driving.

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