Forthcoming Jaguar XF Sportbrake Busts Guinness World Record

We can think of three recent examples off the top of our heads where Jaguar has promoted a new model by breaking a record with some high-flying stunt. And while the one to promote the all-new XF Sportbrake didn’t involve becoming airborne in the traditional sense, its benchmark-topping run was captured on camera.

The record Jaguar chose to smash? The current 70-mph title for the fastest speed reached by a skier towed by a vehicle. To accomplish this, they enlisted Olympic skier Graham Bell, and an all-wheel drive XF S Sportbrake with 380 horsepower. Although it can hit sixty in 5.3 seconds, the ramp up for this world record run wasn’t about acceleration. The result? Well—we can tell you a record certainly was broken, but you’ll have to take a gander at the clip above to find out by how much!

You can also welcome the all-new XF Sportbrake to America by taking it for a test drive when it becomes available! With plenty of power and cargo volume, it’s more than a simple alternative to a crossover. To sign up for a test drive, contact our Jaguar Dealership in Greensboro, NC whenever it’s convenient.

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