Jaguar Draws Upon Past to Help Shape Future New Vehicles


Jaguar has taken a little bit of it's past and combined it with a little bit of its present to create an exciting new futuristic vehicle: The Jaguar E Type Zero. This all-new Jaguar concept is a revised version of Jaguar's famed E-Type Roadster, which for anyone familiar is perhaps one of the most beautiful, iconic Jaguar vehicles ever produced and sold.

The E Type Zero features a retrofitted dash with a new modern day gauge cluster and all powertrain components have been reworked and electrified, making the E type quiet and smooth to drive. The E Type Zero is, thus, modern-driving, but retro in style and appeal. This makes a point: an electric vehicle can be modern yet retain the unique branding and heritage of its automaker. In a way, the E Type should appease anyone worried about Jaguar's future.

Jaguar Goes Electric

Along with the E Type Zero, Jaguar has decided that from model-year 2020 onwards, all future vehicles produced and sold will feature an all electric powertrain. This modern move shows Jaguar's commitment to the environment and to automotive ingenuity in general. However, thanks to the direction Jaguar has taken with the E-Type zero, Jaguar fans should also note that just because this decision has been made does not by any means indicate Jaguar is giving up on its heritage or its core values as a company. Rather, this decision allows Jaguar to progress and develop further in a thoroughly new and exciting way.

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