Keep Dust at Bay With a Cabin Air Filter Replacement

Too much dust can cause a great deal of problems. Not only does it make everything in your home dirty, but it can also lead to breathing issues after prolonged exposure. Your vehicle is very similar in this manner. That is why we here at Jaguar Greensboro want to ensure that you know all about your vehicle's engine and cabin air filters.

The engine air filter ensures all air through the air intake valve is free of dust, dirt and other debris. This ensures your engine will continue to run properly. The cabin air filter, on the other hand, is designed to filter the air you and your passengers breathe to keep it free of dirt and dust.

Experts recommend that you replace both of these air filters no later than after every 45,000 miles of drive time. If you are in need of quality service for a reasonable price, be sure to give our service team a call or stop on by in person to schedule an appointment at our Jaguar service center in Greensboro, NC today!

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