What Does Your Differential do for Your Car?

Caring for your car's differential is an important part of maintenance. However, many do not even realize that the differential exists, let alone needs an oil change. Changing your car's differential oil is not like changing the engine oil. Differentials are located underneath the car. Depending on what make and model, the differentials are not always in the same place.

Most differentials are located at the rear of your car. However, some cars with rear-wheel drive will have their own housing. Front-wheel drive models will keep the differential in the transmission. Without lubrication, the differentials can stop working and keep your wheels from turning smoothlly. In some cases, without lubrication, your axles may not be able to turn at all.

If you want to get a full diagnostic on your differentials, you should start checking the oil at 30,000 miles. In some newer cars, you can push that to 50,000 miles. The mechanics at Jaguar Greensboro located in charming Greensboro, NC have a full service department that can help you figure out what's wrong with your wheels.

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