Explore the Technology Packed Jaguar F-PACE

The Jaguar F-PACE is a not just a leader in performance, but also in technological features. The 2018 F-PACE was designed with the driver experience in mind. The luxe interior contains everything drivers need to stay informed and entertained while driving.

Jaguar's INCONTROL TOUCH system puts the F-PACE's controls at your fingertips. The eight-inch, touch-sensitive screen supports swiping and pushing motions. The colorful display allows the driver to access navigation, multimedia, driver assistance systems and weather information. It can also be used for convenient climate control. Voice recognition software makes the device hands-free when you need to focus on the road.

The F-PACE takes you into the future with its Head-Up Display (HUD) capability. Laser technology makes it possible to display critical information on the windshield in your line of sight. The system even works well in different types of lighting.

If you want to see how luxury and technology mix, stop by Jaguar Greensboro to test drive the F-PACE.



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