Learn More About Monitoring Tire Pressure

Keeping your tires properly inflated is an important part of vehicle ownership and maintenance. But how do you do that without every now and then checking them with a pressure gauge?

There is a better way these days with most late models vehicles now equipped with Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems. The TPMS constantly monitors tire pressure with sensor installed in the tires or other specific areas. When these sensors detect low tire pressure, a warning light comes on to inform you of the problem.

The Jaguar parts and repair professionals at Jaguar Greensboro feels that it is very important that you understand how vital it is to your safety to ensure your tires are inflated to manufacturer's specifications. Low tires turn into bad tires real fast and that means they could cause an accident if not properly taken care of.

Something else you need to know about is that low tires wear out faster and cause your vehicle to use more gas. Come see us for more advice!