What are the Exterior Features of the Jaguar XJ?

The Jaguar XJ is a popular luxury sedan with a sporty, yet luxurious design. You can test drive the vehicle at Jaguar Greensboro to see its design in person and get a feel for its performance. Two of our favorite exterior features of the Jaguar XJ are the floating roofline and the bumper treatment.

Different from most cars, the rear windshield on the Jaguar XJ wraps around to help show off the vehicle's long, wide profile. This is referred to as a floating roofline. When you see how seamlessly the rear windshield blends into the rest of the body, you'll understand why it's called a floating roofline. The front bumper of this luxury sedan is stylish as well, consisting of a black mesh grille and chrome air intake bezels.

The Jaguar XJ is a beautiful car to drive that stands out on the road with its floating roofline and bumper treatment.



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