Meet the Jaguar I-Pace

The I-Pace by Jaguar is one of the company's latest electric vehicles. The I-Pace is ideal for the conscientious consumer who desires to enjoy the ultimate in energy efficiency. Learn all about the features, amenities and functional design of the I-Pace by visiting our Jaguar showroom.

When fully charged, the I-Pace functions for up to 234 miles. The vehicle is equipped with a Li-on battery having a capacity of 90 kWh. Simply plug in the vehicle to a 240-volt outlet. After 45 minutes, the battery is charged up to 80 percent. Charge the vehicle at home or at one of the thousands of stations located throughout the country.

The I-Pace also accepts charges using a basic 120-volt outlet. However, charging to full capacity takes approximately four days. Once the battery is fully charged, the vehicle's battery stops accepting more power. The self-contained charging system also enables you to charge the vehicle may be parked indoors or out regardless of weather.



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