How to Protect Your Car From Salt Corrosion

Driving in the winter means you need to be aware of the road salt that may accumulate on your car before and after a major storm. While it certainly makes your car less attractive, there are even more reasons to be diligent about cleaning it off your car as soon as possible after a storm.

First of all, road salt can harm the clear finish on the exterior of your car. It can also corrode the exterior paint job and leave rust behind. This can eventually harm the mechanics of your car.

Be sure to only wash your car off when the temperature is at least 40 degrees Fahrenheit. It is also important to wash off the undercarriage of your car so it doesn't corrode. Be sure to have your car waxed before the winter season. Jaguar Greensboro is available to assist you if you need to have your car re-painted.



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