Lightweight Design Features do the Jaguar XE Proud

Performance vehicles often rely on mixes of weight and high horsepower to produce higher vehicle speeds. While the iconic and popular sports car known as the 2020 Jaguar XE certainly does well in the power department, it also works hard to reduce vehicle weight to increase performance levels yet more.

To this end, the new Jaguar XE includes specialized lightweight aluminum is its design package. Unlike other metals that are commonly used in vehicle chassis, the aluminum structure actually increases torsional strength and greatly increases longevity. Plus, the greatly reduced weight of the chassis allows this vehicle to fly yet farther afield.

Controlling all that extra power isn't necessarily easy, but the Jaguar XE pulls it off with aplomb by using many tech-savvy stabilization tools. One such tool is called torque vectoring. The torque vectoring system can help drivers out during high energy turns by controlling the individual force sent to and applied by each wheel. This can help to balance driving forces during fast turns and thus increase ability and safety.



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