There are different types of motor oil myths that most car owners have lived with for decades. Some of these have been overtaken by events depending on the vehicle models that one is using. They have always misled most car users and have sometimes made them stick to certain brands so that they may not mess up with the manufacturer's standards.

Do these myths work?
The answer is no. Let's look at some of the standard oil myths that we have had before.

Once you've gone synthetic, then you cannot go back.
No one is even sure how this myth started. For me, it is absolute nonsense, and people should know that synthetic oil has been able to undergo tremendous changes during manufacturing. The thing is that changing between synthetic and conventional or traditional means is reasonable.

Synthetics Causes Oil Leakages
?There was a time when this myth was right when the synthetic oils came to the markets in 1970. By then, they weren't perfected.


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